Autism Canada; our featured charity for the Months of June and July

June and July's Charity: Autism Canada

Once again, our inspiration for this month’s featured charity was a Facebook post in one of the many baby wearing groups to which we belong. A fellow baby wearer shared a news article entitled “Parent’s Rally Outside Mississuaga MPP’s office, To Protest Autism Program Changes”.

I had no idea that the Ontario Autism Program was changing, and that they are planning to cap access to the Intensive Behavioural Intervention treatment program at five years of age. I'm grateful for coming across the post, and for the determination this one mama has as she advocates for her son through whatever means she can. It was not only the topic at hand, but her impassioned plea for awareness that caused us to immediately offer our help.

Here's what the mama had to say:

"I hope it is okay to share this here as I feel like there's not much more that I can do as a mother, but spread the word. I was babywearing at 2am this morning, because my almost 4-year old son with ASD woke up crying inconsolably. For about an hour, he was adamantly trying to communicate to my husband and I as to what was bothering him, but could not articulate it in a way that we could understand. At one point, all three of us were in tears, because we couldn't understand him. Our woven wrap saved us… he was able to mutter "piggyback" through tears when I mentioned the wrap.
Earlier yesterday, I carried him for a different reason. I did so in order to join other ASD families across the province to advocate for our children and the IBI therapy that my son and so many other ASD children desperately need in order to find their voices and engage with the world around them. We have spent 1.5 years on a wait list for this… other children have waited even longer… and the government is now denying them services before they've even received any. It just isn't right. #AutismDoesntEndAt5"

We recognize the complexity of the issue at hand; in theory, capping access to IBI therapy at five years of age lessens the burden on the system and shortens waiting times for those under five years of age. However, as an ambassador for Autism Canada stated “Individuals and families on the spectrum deserve access to services throughout their lifespan. We have an ASD Advisory Committee that is comprised of 30 adults on the spectrum, and they have provided insight into how sparse funding and services are for those aging on the spectrum. All age groups need to be addressed. Together, we can make change where we are!”

We couldn’t agree more.

With so many challenges affecting the Autism community currently, it is encouraging to see such an established organization such as Autism Canada at the helm of advocating for those who need it most. Their organization description states:

“Autism Canada has been the hub of knowledge and understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorders in Canada since 1976. Our mandate is to work collaboratively with our provincial and territorial organizations, associations and societies to champion ASD priorities. We curate the exchange of information between individuals with ASD, families, professionals, researchers, governments and the public. Autism Canada actively encourages the sharing of best practices and programs, and advocates passionately for Canadians living with autism. For more information, please visit”

Thank you once again for your continued support; it is only with your awesome support that we are able to do what we do.
August 02, 2016 by Mamasaurus :)
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